Beelzebub, As he is shown in the 1863 book Dictionnaire Infernal

Beelzebub was a deity that was worshipped in the philistine city of Ekron. In Catholic Demonology he is one of the seven princes of Hell.


Mood toward humans: Beelzebub is one of the kinder demons. He seems to be kind to us, and even answering questions about the future at some points.

It is a misconception that he is refered to as "lord of the flies". The true term is "lord of the skies", or "Lord over all that flies". He was worshiped as the main god by the Philistines as "Baalzebub". Beelzebub takes care of Satanists who are fighting, as Satan want's unity and peace, and Beelzebub will enforce this. Beelzebub is a prime example that demons are not evil, as he is gentle and kind.

In DemonologyEdit

Beelzebub is usually placed high in Hell's hierarchy, In fact most records of the Demon show that only Lucifer is higher then him. According to a story from the 16th century occultist Johann Weyer, Beelzebub led a sucessful revolt against the Devil himself. He is also known as Chief lieutenant of Lucifer, and the Emperor of Hell. He presides over the order of the fly. He is considered one of the 3 most prominent fallen angels, The other 2 being Lucifer and Leviathan. He is known as the Demon of Gluttony.


Beelzebub appears as a giant bug or fly of some sort.