Asmodeus is the king of the demons. He controls them under the command of Satan/Lucifer. He is described as the demon of Homosexuality in some texts, and is known to answer any question he is asked. He finds and guards treasures and help men create them with his skills of teaching craftsmenship. He is known to also give people the ability to read minds.


Asmodeus governs and is the leader of all the realms of pleasure, and sometimes connects with humans.

Mood toward humansEdit

To Spiritual Satanists: Asmodeus' candles are Red and Black. His animal is the whale.

To Luciferians/Others: Asmodeus may be contactable to you, depending on devotion or will power to talk to him. If you want to gain knowledge or talk to someone, I would look no further. 

Mood toward humans: Asmodeus is mostly accepting of humans, and is known to help people out in many ways.